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At Lamarre Soap Co. our approach in creating premium bar soaps is to use high quality, natural ingredients combined with high manufacturing standards. This concept seems to be lost on many soap producers today, who load their bar soaps with harsh, synthetic ingredients that you do not want on your skin. 

We work closely with a U.S. based Skincare Manufacturer that prides themselves on manufacturing products using sustainable ingredients and processes. You can feel safe using our bar soaps as they are free of Parabens, Silicones, Sulfates, PEGs, artificial fragrances and are never tested on animals.  

Although our premium bar soaps share many of the same base ingredients, we believe each product should have a personality all its own, like you! Our bar soaps have been formulated with just the right amount of natural essential oils to give the soaps a strong enough scent to awaken your senses without being overpowering. Some of our bar soaps have added natural exfoliating elements that provide a gentle scrub. We believe the shape and size of the bar is important, so we made the bar to fit naturally in the palm of your hand. 

We have additional bar soap products in the works and are also developing a liquid soap line and other skincare products. So, check back often or better yet, sign up to receive product updates and exclusive subscriber discounts.